Marty Bauerlein
Senior Vice President, Sales, North America

 Kaye McMillan
VP, Sales Transformation & Development 

TechSelect Team

Meet your daily dedicated TechSelect team! We manage the day to day activities of delivering solution provider benefits, successful Partner Conferences along with other annual events while serving as advocates for you within the Tech Data and vendor community. Please feel free to reach out to any of us at any time with your needs or concerns at or 800-237-8931 ext. 84529.

Casey Bartow
Sr. Manager, Sales Communities


 Scott Mela
Business Development Representative

Heather Shortt
Sr. Project Specialist


TechSelect Advisory Council


TechSelect's Advisory Council (AC) members act as an advisory panel to Tech Data. The AC is an unbiased voice for all TechSelect members; they also collaborate on ideas with Tech Data and its vendor partners. Members of the council encourage loyalty and growth through Tech Data and encourage participation of the general membership in TechSelect initiatives and activities. Below are your Advisory Council members.

Marty Andrefski
Advisory Council President
President, IntegraOne

Ray Benoit
Advisory Council Vice President,
President, RTM 

Michael Boone
Executive Vice President, InaComp
Dave Brown
CEO, Rove, LLC

Michael Kanan
President & CEO, InaComp

Jason Mock
Vice President, Operations, High Touch Technologies 

Angela O’Donnell
CEO, W. O’Donnell Consulting, Inc. 

Michelle Padilla
Telcion Communications Group

Tom Sharp
Vice President, Operations, Kelser Corporation 

Doug Westervelt
CEO, Portland Internetworks

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